Squad Deathmatch type game mode

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Squad Deathmatch type game mode

Post by klifsnider » Sun Nov 02, 2014 10:56 pm

Note that this is a personal idea and does not reflect the current focus of the dev team.

The idea comes largely from Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It had a SQDM mode where 4 teams of 4 players each fought in small maps, the first team to a certain amount of kills would win the map.
This game mode would be better suited with the current activity in the mod, as you could play with only 2 of the squads full (8 players), or 3 squads (12 players).
The maps for this game mode would be rather small and close-quarters, allowing for fast-paced action.
The 4 squads could be: [1] The British, [2] The Continentals, [3] The Natives and [4] The Hessians. Or anything goes really, if you guys would prefer a different squad (Militia, frontiersmen?)

As far as weapon selection goes, the squad choice won't have any effect on that, as they would all be able to choose from the same set of weapons.
For weapon choices I was thinking along the lines of a sword / tomahawk + pistol combo or a simple musket.

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Re: Squad Deathmatch type game mode

Post by Kwetty » Mon Nov 03, 2014 1:25 am

4 squad warfare is good, my opinion would be to add 4 unique classes to each team, giving everyone a different role(so all of them limited to 1 player)
Here are some I made up, just some ideas to improve the general gameplay:

THE MARAUDER: pistol + knife
speed: officer
strategy: hit and run
>basically the officer with nerfed melee, makes him more dependent on the pistol(an officer would shoot once and go in with the sword, rekking everyone)

THE TROOPER: revolutionaire with bayonet
speed: normal
strategy: good allround
>Rev musket for better accuracy and shorter stabbing range, again a melee nerf

THE DRAGOON: brownbess carbine(normal shot only) + officer sword
speed: normal
strategy: short range warfare
>crappy gun with good melee at regular speed

THE PATRIOT: rifle + tomahawk
speed: normal
strategy: long range with decent melee
>an upgraded frontiersman

for the uniforms Id say 4 small variations of 1 uniform per team would do, making both the player's team AND class recognizable
(for example: the british team has the regular inf uniform but each class has a different hat)

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