Spanish translation mistakes

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Spanish translation mistakes

Post by Fluttershy » Fri Aug 14, 2015 4:28 pm

Hello there! Here it's Fluttershy, big fan of BG2 since years ago.

I'm spanish and I saw you included a spanish translation for some things in the new 2.3 patch, which is nice although I prefer to keep it original so switched again the english translation.

But I saw some mistakes on the spanish translation (even some that doesn't make any sense) and also that you didn't type in any phrase the first exclamation "¡" that is necessary in spanish. I'll type the ones that I saw and the correct translation:

Voice commands:

For "X" key.
Advance! - ¡Avanzar!
Retreat! - ¡Retirada!
Rally around! - ¡Reuniros!
Hold! - ¡Alto!
Take the objetive! - ¡Tomar el objetivo!
Make ready! - ¡Preparados!
Take aim! - ¡Apunten!
Fire! - ¡Fuego!
Cease Fire - ¡Alto el fuego!

For "Z" key. (these are just 3 that i'd change):
Enemy ahead! - ¡Enemigo al frente!
Right flank! - ¡Flanco derecho!
Left flank! - ¡Flanco izquierdo!

C key.
For king and country! - ¡Por el rey y la patria!
For freedom! - ¡Por la libertad!

And on options menú:
Ironsights -> Punto de mira (It was translated as "mira de hierro" which is the literal translation but doesn't make any sense in spanish)
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Re: Spanish translation mistakes

Post by Hawke » Sat Aug 15, 2015 1:20 am

Excellent catch. Thank you very much for the information and the correct translations. :)
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